POL | The Programming Language

What is POL?

POL is a dynamically typed interpreted Programming Language. POL is a general purpose scripting language with no real niche or use case (yet). It was developed as a part of a learning experience in language design and implementation. Pol is meant to be a fun language; designed with simplicity and elegance in mind.


Here you can take a deep dive into POL. From variables to data structures this should be your first stop for learning POL. Includes a look at the BNF Grammar that defines syntax and a description of every semantic detail.

Try it now

Here you can run POL code in your browser. We have also provided a myriad of examples showing off all of the neat things POL can do. The POL interpreter will also allow you to explore the generated POL syntax tree.


POL is an open source project implemented in Go. The portability of POL is directly dependent on Go, if you can compile Go on your machine you should be able to run POL. See github/pol for installation instructions.

What's new with POL?

[2/6/18] PLDI talk at AMC as CSU | Slide Set | Video (Coming soon)

[9/17/17] Initial website creation